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Check out this article about the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, including a list of organizations which strongly oppose this sick trend, and have implemented various means of helping women who have been sexually victimized.


Were you raised by a narcissist? Chances are you were if you suffered any form of childhood abuse. The Little Red Survivor website is filled with excellent articles examining the many faces of narcissism.


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Kate Is Rising has an excellent Survivors Resources page which directs you to numerous websites dealing with issues of abuse, healing and recovery. Please bear in mind that the information on these pages may be triggering.



There's lots of good stuff at the Dissociation Blog Showcase, including a list of 180 blogs dealing with some aspect of this disorder. 



On the Overcoming Sexual Abuse site there's an article entitled, "It's Not About You Mom" which I could have written myself. I bet many of my readers could say the same!








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My Backyard Fort . . .


...was a thing of beauty, though constructed of ordinary wood.  I loved its  simplicity; there was nothing about its simple lines that drew attention to itself, or which  distracted me from the thoughts I hoarded there, like a secret cache of jewels, while escaping my family's madness.

Perhaps beautiful only to me, my fort and I weathered the seasons, sharing an intimacy on which I would come to depend during the wilderness years of my truncated childhood.  During the summer months, it became my best ally; when inclement weather kept me from it, I often gazed at it through my bedroom window, silently yearning to return to my suburban writing retreat.

Within the solitude and safety of its womb, I wrote my first stories, wept my frustrations, and breathed much more freely than ever I could within the confining walls of my family's modern home.

Loneliness, of the sort which can't easily be dispelled by the mere presence of another, drove me to the sanctuary of my fort.  Heartbreak compelled me to seek it as a refuge to which I could return time and again, without reproach, or fear of over staying my welcome.  The forces of evil hounding my every step propelled me high up into the safety of its walls, and a bit of me died every time I left its warm planks, never knowing how long until our next tryst.



Language has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone.  And it  has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone.

(Paul Johannes Tillich)

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Reader Comments (5)

I have to agree, loneliness is a burden but solitude is more a peaceful retreat from madness, a retreat like the fort in the backyard of your childhood home.

I have enjoyed my solitude the last few days.

PS. Word doodles, that's a new one on me. I like it!!! I think that's cool how you took simplicity and made a girl think. I like the one about the purse and being female. Very cool.

February 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAustin

there are some littles inside going wow we wish we had a fort!!! i think it is mostly the little boys! they could play fort apache in there!!


February 19, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterkeepers

I think you should get John Michael to build you one. It's never too late!

February 19, 2007 | Registered Commenterbeautifuldreamer

If he builds them one I want one too.

February 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAustin

Ok, everyone who wants a fort, sign up here! (Sure hope John Michael knows he's been volunteered!)

February 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBeauty

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