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This area is reserved for the tidbits I know hope will be of interest to my readers. Check back often for regular updates. 


Check out this article about the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, including a list of organizations which strongly oppose this sick trend, and have implemented various means of helping women who have been sexually victimized.


Were you raised by a narcissist? Chances are you were if you suffered any form of childhood abuse. The Little Red Survivor website is filled with excellent articles examining the many faces of narcissism.


It's been a long time coming---7 years to be exact---but finally email notifications for new BD posts is available. Sign up today and never again miss another post. You know you want to!













Kate Is Rising has an excellent Survivors Resources page which directs you to numerous websites dealing with issues of abuse, healing and recovery. Please bear in mind that the information on these pages may be triggering.



There's lots of good stuff at the Dissociation Blog Showcase, including a list of 180 blogs dealing with some aspect of this disorder. 



On the Overcoming Sexual Abuse site there's an article entitled, "It's Not About You Mom" which I could have written myself. I bet many of my readers could say the same!








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Things That Pleased Me Recently

Receiving in the mail the tags I'd ordered to attach to the handmade knits I'll be giving out for Christmas . . . one of my sons unexpectedly kissing the top of my head . . . being gifted with a big bag of books, and actually reading one all the way through in two days . . . commenting to my young granddaughters that we found some great deals at the store, and one of them saying with a loud laugh, "Well, we're not farmers!" . . . realizing, oh, realizing I did experience anger as a child . . . investing in a new pair of knitting needles . . . one of my granddaughters saying happily, "I'm in love with nature."

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Reader Comments (2)

I always enjoy these posts.

November 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMarcy

These are wonderful as always.

November 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKali

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