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Check out this article about the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, including a list of organizations which strongly oppose this sick trend, and have implemented various means of helping women who have been sexually victimized.


Were you raised by a narcissist? Chances are you were if you suffered any form of childhood abuse. The Little Red Survivor website is filled with excellent articles examining the many faces of narcissism.


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Kate Is Rising has an excellent Survivors Resources page which directs you to numerous websites dealing with issues of abuse, healing and recovery. Please bear in mind that the information on these pages may be triggering.



There's lots of good stuff at the Dissociation Blog Showcase, including a list of 180 blogs dealing with some aspect of this disorder. 



On the Overcoming Sexual Abuse site there's an article entitled, "It's Not About You Mom" which I could have written myself. I bet many of my readers could say the same!








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Things That Pleased Me Recently

Getting over the worst of a Chronic Fatigue flare-up . . . the vintage metal drinking glasses which were a gift from Sissyface . . . a friend gifting me with new car tires . . . snagging one of M's drawings to send to an artist friend . . . experiencing shock at the realization one of my sons is about to turn 40, which will mean I have 3 sons 40 or over (gulp!), then laughing with delight at my own shock . . . finishing a shrug for Miss M . . . a Christmas visit from I. who still lives in Texas, and is now 12 (she chided me for my "dirty" bedroom and said, "You always have a dirty room," to which I responded with much indignation, "It's not dirty, it's messy. Messy! That's not the same as dirty!")

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Reader Comments (3)

It is always pleasing to see someone recognize there are good things in their life, and many of them are "little" things but to us, they are tremendously uplifting. Good for you and may more blessings come your way.



January 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJM

I know you will be happy throughout this year and think positive in every way. Thanks for sharing this article.

January 25, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJeremy Norton

It can be difficult to find delight and joy with a chronic illness, but it is imperative that we do. If we are sucked in by the pain of life and close our eyes to everything else, we may lose precious moments. These precious moments add up and we can cling to them during hard times. But then again, why wait for hard times to rembrr the good? When ever we want we can come back and celebrate these pleasing moments.

Maddy looks very cute in her shrug. It looks like its well made, too.

January 26, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterFaith

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