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Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 11:22AM
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Growing up as the abused redheaded stepchild who had a burning passion for writing, I never thought I'd some day put my own truth into written words. My step-dad mocked my writing and I froze. I wrote fiction instead. I couldn't afford the price it would have cost to stick to the truth. But that was then, this is now.

Now, as the grown up version of that little girl self, I can afford all kinds of things. It took one kind of courage to stifle my truest self and endure the endless molestings and rapes back then. Today it takes another kind of courage to tell the world what was done to me in words that are as true as I can make them. I decided somewhere along the line that my step-dad wasn't going to have the last word on who I am. I didn't belong to him then, and I don't now.

I've published a little book of truths--that's how I think of them, truths, rather than poems. They may or may not explode into someone's life and make some kind of difference. I hope they do. I hope someone reads them and feels the beginning of an emotional earthquake that shakes them out of their futile efforts to pretend that their own abuses as a child didn't happen, or that they did happen but didn't matter. Because the reality is that we're all in this together, all of us, whether or not we want to be. As part of the human race, what touches one touches everyone. If you suffered as I did from any kind of abuse I'm outraged on your behalf. My words don't have to sell a million copies or make some best seller list, they have only to bring light into darkness.

This slim volume is one way of letting my light shine into the darkness. See, is what these poems say to those who have ears to hear, this is how bad it got. This is the evil that permeated my childhood. But see also: I've lived to tell about it. I've lived long enough to choose to begin to heal. And if I can, you can, because there is enough light and healing to go around. More than enough.

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