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Old Moldy

Today I took a ride in Old Moldy. Sad to say, that's what I've recently dubbed my car. Someone attempted to break into it months ago by using a crowbar to bend the steel framing around the back windows. As a result, every time it rains the backseat gets soaked. No one noticed this for some time, as hardly anyone ever uses the backseat. When it was first noted that the car leaked, the mold had already set in. My son has been using the car for his long commute to and from work. I had to laugh today when I saw the little face masks he uses to protect himself from the nearly debilitating odor.

Have you ever seen mushrooms growing in a car, or seat-belts furry with mold? I am not making this up. I spent a lot of time in that car today running errands and, let me tell you, my tummy protested all the way. This is a good little car, running-wise. I've never had a problem with it until now. Doesn't it just figure that something like this would happen? I mean, what is it with me and cars?

Back in the 80's my ex gifted me with a car whose horn blared every time I made a right hand turn. Naturally he failed to mention this little quirk; imagine my consternation the first time I turned right into a filling station and the horn blasted my arrival. This was the busiest time of day for the gas station, and there was only one guy on duty pumping gas, a surly teenager with a short fuse.

"Hey lady!" he hollered over at me as I waited my turn in line, nearly dying of embarrassment. "Wait your turn! Can't you see all these other customers were here before you?"

I stuck my head out the window to explain, but he'd already stomped off to wait on someone else, all the while throwing me contemptuous looks. Some of the other customers were giving me none too friendly looks as well. When it was finally my turn, the attendant stomped over to my window, shoved his face close to mine, and said, "I told you, wait your turn!"

I explained the situation and he stomped off to fling open the hood of my car. Yanking on this and that did no good. He slammed the hood shut, breezed by me long enough to demand how much gas I wanted, and tried to unscrew my gas cap. Oh naturally it wouldn't budge! By this time I was ready to simply drive off, but he was swearing so profusely I thought better of it. When he finally succeeded in unscrewing the little bugger he threw it on the ground with all the force of his wrath.

As I said, what is it with me and cars? I couldn't help but laugh today while riding around in Old Moldy with my daughter in-law and granddaughter. It's one of those situations you have to have a sense of humor about or---well, or--- react like the surly gas attendant.

I'm taking Old Moldy in for a professional cleaning and electronic deodorizing on Monday. I know better than to get my hopes up. Some days all you can do is try. Laugh and try, and hope for the best.


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Reader Comments (3)

"Old Moldy"?, you do have s sense of humor, no doubt about it! Frustrating when it runs good but smells bad! we've had a few gems also, like no reverse or no inside door panels, power windows but none of them work correctly, back windows go down halfway. Ah yes, chariots of the gods.


February 3, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterkeepers

I am grateful that my little '90 Olds Calais, dubbed "Loyal Blue" by Austin, continues to go forward.
Her front windows never did roll down,& her back ones only half-way. The driver's side was T-boned in a hit-and-run 2 years ago, and the back door can't be opened unless the front is open, too.
She is missing the front passenger window, now covered with anchient brittle plastic and two rolls of clear duct-tape.
Long gone are the heater core, head gasket and reverse gear. So we fog the windshield with our breath and it turns to frost because we have no defroster. It drinks a quart of oil every other day. I have to park it up hill or pull into a parking spot I can pull straight out of or push the car backwards out of the parking space. When driving down the highway pieces of paint coming flying at the windshield from the hood which I can't close because the cable is broken. I think I've covered everything. The only thing I didn't mention is that I keep getting flat tires on the highway.
So compared to anybody else's car theirs is a beaut. But I love her anyway.

Loyal Blue's owner,

February 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBlossom

Geez, Blossom, I feel rather silly now complaining about something as trivial as deadly mold. Hey! I forgot to mention you can't open the driver's side door from inside. Does that make you feel better? And when it's really freezing out you have to scrape the inside of the front windshield...ah, that's it. That's all I have. Pitiful, but there it is. I can't top Loyal Blue. I'm stuck with Maroon Moron aka Old Moldy.

February 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBeauty

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