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Check out this article about the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, including a list of organizations which strongly oppose this sick trend, and have implemented various means of helping women who have been sexually victimized.


Were you raised by a narcissist? Chances are you were if you suffered any form of childhood abuse. The Little Red Survivor website is filled with excellent articles examining the many faces of narcissism.


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Kate Is Rising has an excellent Survivors Resources page which directs you to numerous websites dealing with issues of abuse, healing and recovery. Please bear in mind that the information on these pages may be triggering.



There's lots of good stuff at the Dissociation Blog Showcase, including a list of 180 blogs dealing with some aspect of this disorder. 



On the Overcoming Sexual Abuse site there's an article entitled, "It's Not About You Mom" which I could have written myself. I bet many of my readers could say the same!








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What Doesn't Work for Me

I remember now why in the past I've never stuck with anti-depressants. They have such a weird affect on me, one that leaves me feeling as though I'm on speed. Being proud of myself for having asked for help must not outweigh the fact that I do poorly on such medications. I took one pill (Wellbutrin) night before last and spent a nightmarish night, not really sleeping exactly but seeing lots of troubling things in my head, and tossing and turning.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day and, truthfully, I probably shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a car. My concentration was very erratic, my anxiety level was through the roof. I didn't really begin to feel like myself again until around 5 in the evening.

When I talked this over with Sissyface she suggested I stop taking the medication. It honestly hadn't occurred to me that I could do that, simply not take what my doctor prescribed. What a sense of relief to think it through and realize that the choice is mine. I don't have to subject myself to this if I choose not to.

Therapy is one thing, drugging myself quite another. I've always had such a low tolerance for any kind of medication that has the capacity to alter my consciousness. Part of healthy self-care needs to be allowing myself to be who I am. This means that when I'm wondering in the back of my mind if a new medication might freak me out (and it did vaguely cross my mind at the doctor's office), I should be willing to face the fact that I have this little oddity about me. Denial is strong because I hate the fact that I can't take lots of medications that others can. It makes me feel rather, oh babyish I guess would be the word.

I'm still bumbling my way through life attempting to figure out as I go just what works for me in my recovery and healing from childhood abuse, and what doesn't.  There was a time when my emotional/physical and mental limitations caused me to feel intense guilt. I'm trying not to go down that road this time. This time I'm making the effort to allow myself grace to be who I am, and to not see everything in such black and white terms. It's not a matter of if I don't take my meds I'm a bad person, if I do take them I'm a good person--and never mind how they affect me.

(One pill over 24 hours ago and I'm still feeling some of the after-effects. Sheesh!)